High Quality and Certified flexible hose assemblies

  • ISO Certification

Our Company obtained approval under the ISO 9001 (2008 version) quality scheme and set up a Methods/Quality department aiming to constantly improve our products and processes. This department draws up all the new procedures and instructions and keeps the quality manual up-to-date. The staff contribute whole-heartedly to this approach during production, permanent self-inspection and the work of Quality meetings.


  • Commited to innovation and quality

IFT's range of flexible hose assemblies is manufactured in accordance with quality requirements, not only from the technical standpoint, but also in the way in which our different departments work closely with each other and with our clients.

In addition to the test reports from our laboratories, official laboratories certify the qualities of our products when submitted to special conditions, as well as the reliability of our inspection equipment.

The thermal, electrical, chemical and mechanical characteristics of our products are designed, validated and checked in our laboratory throughout the manufacturing process and then monitored during the years they are in production for optimum safety and traceability.

Our products satisfy the most stringent standards :



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