Our Brands


  • Full range ofr flexible hose assemblies for sanitary, heating and air conditioning and cooling systems

Discover all our range of products :

» EZYFLEX® : Range of versatile flexible hose assemblies for cold and hot water for sanitary and heating use
» SHOWERFLEX®  : Range of shower hoses
» W-FLEX® : Rrange of flexible hose assemblies and fittings for waste water drainage
» EKOFLEX® : Range of flexible hose assemblies for renewable energy heating
» SUNNYFLEX® : Range of connections and fittings for thermal solar panels
» CLIMFLEX® : Range of flexible hose assemblies and fittings for air conditioning and cooling systems    
» QUAL'IFT®  : Range of low and high pressure hoses
» SILITUBE® X / SILITAPE® : Mineral fibre braided sheathing and tape coated
» METALTRESSE® GTAI : Stainless steel tubular sheath
» SILIGAINE® TN : Eextendable braided monofilament polyester sheathing
» STOPGEL®  : Ready-to-use heating cables
» FLEXTRACE® : Self-adjusting heating cables for hot water

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