The specialist of the specific configuration of your flexible hose assemblies.


  • Configuration of Specific fittings

Silicon, Stainless steel teflon braid, Ribbed stainless steel with welded fittings… IFT offer a complete and large range of low pressure, high pressure fittings to transfer alimentary liquids, phamraceuticals, steam, chemicals, aqueous solutions, hydrocarbons...

  • We adapt the length of our flexible hose assemblies according to your specific needs

The standard length of flexible hose assemblies doesn't suit all cases and applications. For this reason, IFT offers its customers a customized hose production service. A length adapted to a specific application.

  • Specific IFT packaging for EZYFLEX ® flexible hose assemblies

Flex’n TAG – Gencoded flexible hose assemblies
• For its "distribution range", IFT has sanitary and heating flexible hose assemblies with individual labelling of products with IFT barcodes (Gencode EAN13).
• For custom-made labelling with customer logo and barcode, please contact us. Minimum order requirement.

  • Configuration of a flexible hose assembly ?

Your application requires a dedicated study ? IFT is the specialist of specific configuration. Our wide range of products / references (in terms of hoses, fittings and accessories) and the experience of our production team allows us to precisely define the product which will meet your needs and requirements: environment (liquid, gas), temperature, pressure, type of fittings, chemical / mechanical / thermal aggressions, dynamic use, space saving.

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